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Allow shoppers to know your products and your business 24/7.

Local retail

Enable local residence, new neighbors, and tourists to find your products instantly from their mobile phones.

Global e-commerce

Scale your sales by e-commerce in a single unit or wholesale quantity.

New products

Access to promotion deals from wholesalers and brand manufacturers

Reduce advertising cost to provide better price and quality products to your community
Say Goodbye to technology development and marketing cost
Avoid ongoing high cost to promote your shop and products
Grow new shoppers from both local residents and tourists
Establish connection with your loyal customers and your shop in the local community

Free website & hosting, Free online shop, Free blog, Free product listings and promotions.

We market and promote your products and your business with no charge.
No contract, No commitment, No monthly fee, with unlimited free thumbnails of your images and 500MB file space in the cloud.

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